Kiteschool & Prices

We want you to learn KITEBOARDING properly!

  • Private courses for all levels
    We start from your actual level
  • Group courses for all levels
    Small groups  with no more than 3 Persons.
  • Perfect conditions in El Gouna’s largest flat water lagoon.
    Endless space for everybody. Almost 5 km² wide!
  • Teaching with F2 Kites equipment!
    All necessary equipment included in every course (kite, board, bars, wetsuit, harness, insurance and helmet)

Beginner Courses


Taste it! 2 hours

Trial lesson for absolute beginners

Want to catch a glimpse of kiteboarding feeling?

Our trial lesson will give you a first impression:

  • Wind theory
  • Safety theory
  • First flying with a trainer kite
  • Set up of an inflatable kite
  • Kite control

€ 29,00


Beginner Course 1 (8h)

Want to do the first steps into kitesurfing in theory and practice?

If you already have some board experience:

  • Equipment Set up
  • Safety Theory
  • Starting / landing
  • Kitecontrol
  • Bodydrag
  • Water start
  • First steps on Riding

€ 330,00 (Basic Course I, 8h)
€ 450,00 (Basic Course I, 8h + incl. 2 days rental)


Beginner Course 2 (12h)

For absolute beginners without any board experience.

You will learn the same like in the 8 hours course, BUT you get 4 extra hours of practice.

€ 465,00 (Basic Course II, 12 h)
€ 530,00 (Basic Course II, 12 h + incl. 2 days rental)

Advanced and Individual



For all who:

  • ... already had some lessons but don’t feel safe enough to kite alone
  • ... did a course more than 2 years ago.
  • ... don’t feel confident enough to ride upwind.

We offer:

4 hour-course divided in two sessions plus 2 extra hours of solo practice after the first session.

Having got familiar with the basics sooner or later every kitesurfer reaches a point when practice time is what he needs most. For this reason you will have 2 hours to practice all you’ve just learned after the first unit two hours. The next day you will complete the 2nd 2 hour-unit.

What you will learn:

  • Waterstart – going downwind & edging with board
  • Controlled riding – right body position –
  • Riding upwind

€ 260,00 (4 h course)
€ 300,00 (4 h course + incl. 1 day rental)


Individual Training / Private Hours

If you prefer 1 student – 1 instructor type of course, this is your option. You will have one of our instructors for yourself for all the time that you want

  • We will start from your actual level (beginner, waterstart or advanced)
  • Course as long as you want
  • Minimum 1 Hour units

€ 79,00

Kite equipment & rentals

All you need for kitesurfing

Rent our North / F2 / Foil equimpment from 48 € to 65 € (1/2 day - 2 hours)

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